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The event will be run over two nights, Monday the 31st of October (HALLOWEEN NIGHT) and Tuesday the 1st of November.

The event is indoors through the dark corridors of ATU Sligo.

There will be over 150 zombies and creatures deployed to torment you and your family.

The event times are 8.00pm to 10.30pm on both nights.

The tickets will be sold in 30 minute slots with the first 30 minute slot (8.00-8.30pm on both nights) targeted at children under 8 years of age where the zombies and creatures will be passive and friendly to ensure younger children have a positive Halloween experience.

After 8.30pm on both nights, it will be business as usual where the zombies and creatures will be the real deal and deliver a Halloween experience that will thrill and scare all ages.

Be WARNED this event will be a sell out!!!!!

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