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Higgins and Egan perform well

Gary Higgins and Donal Egan put in fine performances in the county Galway 10k track championship which was held last Thursday evening. A 10k race on a 400m track is a great test of mental strength and athletic ability, the 25 lap race tests the concentration and focus of the athletes as a short loss of either could find you going back through the field rather than forward and obviously stamina would be very important. The two North Sligo lads were running as guests in these championships and they showed all the great attributes and abilities that these two fine runners have in this race. Higgins won the race in a good time of 34 mins 54 sec with Egan finishing 4th 7 seconds later in 35 min 1 sec. These two fine performances should set them up well for the National Half Marathon in Tullamore on the 26th August.



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